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The United States of America is renowned for its status as the top destination for international students worldwide. Its appeal lies in offering a superior education, a progressive curriculum, a multicultural atmosphere, and exceptional career prospects. With a plethora of prestigious institutions, American universities consistently secure high positions on global university rankings. Moreover, they provide comprehensive orientation programs, workshops, and seminars specifically designed to support international students. In addition to gaining valuable international exposure, studying in the US opens doors to explore diverse cuisines, traditions, customs, festivals, and art forms.

Lifestyle in the USA

The fifty states of America have been shaped by the influence of diverse cultures and ethnicities, resulting in a unique and harmonious blend. Typically, people in the US follow a standard five-day workweek, from Monday to Friday, during daytime hours. Weekends are primarily dedicated to social events and recreational activities such as bowling, swimming, boating, hiking, or skiing. Punctuality is highly valued, with most individuals arriving on time or even a few minutes early for appointments. The shared belief in the “American Dream” unites them, as it embodies the idea that hard work and dedication can lead to tremendous success and prosperity.

Work opportunities in the USA

The diverse cultures and ethnicities present in the fifty states of America have contributed to a rich tapestry of influences, fostering a unique sense of equilibrium. Typically, the majority of individuals engage in a five-day workweek, typically spanning from Monday to Friday during daylight hours. Weekends are eagerly anticipated for social gatherings and recreational pursuits such as bowling, swimming, boating, hiking, or skiing. Punctuality is highly valued, with most people making a conscientious effort to arrive on time, or even a few minutes early, for appointments. A common thread that unites them is a deep belief in the “American Dream,” which holds that through unwavering commitment and diligent effort, one can achieve remarkable success and prosperity.

Top ten courses recommended for Bangladeshi students looking to study in the USA

The United States provides a plethora of higher education opportunities, encompassing numerous academic programs, esteemed institutions, and culturally diverse environments, making it an attractive choice for Bangladeshi students. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why Bangladeshi students aspire to study in the US, along with a selection of the finest courses available for their consideration.

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Social Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Health Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical and Life Sciences
  • Physics and
  • Chemistry

MOI-Accepted Top Universities in USA from Bangladesh

Bangladeshi students, like many others globally, are drawn to studying in the United States due to the exceptional quality of education and the multitude of opportunities that can bolster their career prospects.

The considerable enrollment of around 1.1 million international students in diverse educational institutions across the US reflects the fervor and eagerness of students from countries such as Bangladesh to pursue their education there.

When looking at the QS World University Rankings, you will undoubtedly come across several prestigious universities from the United States. Here are a few notable examples.

QS RankingUniversity NamePrograms OfferedIELTS RequiredAverage Tuition Fees (USD)
01Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)UG, PG, Diploma, Ph.D.7.052,450 USD
03Stanford UniversityUG. PG, Ph.D.7.057,391 USD
05Harvard UniversityUG, PG, Ph.D., Diploma7.555,019 USD
06California Institute of TechnologyUG, PG, Ph.D.7.058,606 USD
10University of ChicagoUG, PG, Ph.D., Diploma7.060,201 USD
13University of PennsylvaniaUG, PG, Ph.D.7.061,985 USD
16Princeton UniversityUG, PG, Ph.D., Diploma7.051,033 USD
18Yale UniversityUG, PG, Ph.D., Diploma7.05,834,138 USD
20Cornell UniversityUG, PG, Ph.D., Diploma7.548,670 USD
22Columbia UniversityUG, PG, Ph.D., Diploma7.554,294 USD

Best Places/Cities To Study in USA for International Students

These cities are renowned for their prestigious universities, diverse communities, vibrant cultures, and vast opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Studying in one of these top cities in the US is sure to provide a fulfilling and enriching experience for international students.

  • New York
  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington DC
  • Pittsburgh
  • San Diego

Study in USA from Bangladesh with Scholarship

Although pursuing higher education in the United States can be costly, it should not discourage you from considering it, as there are numerous scholarship opportunities available that can provide full funding for your studies.

Enrolling in prestigious universities can be highly competitive, but for deserving candidates, it presents a significant opportunity worth seizing. Below, you will find a list of scholarship opportunities that can help you in your pursuit of higher education.

S. No.ScholarshipInstitutesLevel of Study
01Knight Hennessy Scholars ProgramStanford UniversityMasters / Ph.D.
02Yale University ScholarshipYale UniversityMasters / Ph.D.
03Boston University ScholarshipBoston UniversityMasters / Ph.D.
04Harvard University ScholarshipHarvard UniversityMasters / Ph.D.
05Treasure ScholarshipBoise State UniversityUndergraduate
06Boston University Presidential ScholarshipBoston UniversityUndergraduate
07Cornell University Financial AidCornell UniversityUndergraduate
08Fulbright Scholarship 2023The Fulbright U.SMasters / Ph.D.
09Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship ProgramThe Hubert H. HumphreyMasters / Ph.D.
10Bill Gates ScholarshipsThe Gates ScholarshipBachelor degree

Living Expenses in the USA for International Students

Before commencing your studies in your desired destination as an international student, it is crucial to guarantee that you possess ample financial resources to meet your living expenses, encompassing accommodation and transportation expenditures.

Type of ExpenseExpense in (BDT) AnnuallyExpense in (USD) Annually
AccommodationBDT 382,979 – 510,638 BDTUSD 3,651 – USD 4,869
Food and GroceriesBDT 127,659 – 255,319 BDTUSD 1,200 – USD 2,400
TransportationBDT 63,829 – 127,659 BDTUSD 6,00 – USD 1,200
EntertainmentBDT 127,659 – 255,319 BDTUSD 1,200 – USD 2,400

Join us to discover more about living in the USA! Whether you are contemplating studying in the United States, our team of skilled counselors is here to guide you through the entire journey. We offer support in selecting the perfect university for your needs and ensure a smooth settling-in process so that you can thrive in your new environment.

The Cost of Studying in the US for Bangladeshi Students

US universities are categorized as either public or private. The Cost of studying in the US for Bangladeshi students at a public university is comparatively lesser than that of private institutions.

The tuition fees you will pay depend on the type of qualification and the university or school you choose to attend. Studying in the US the average cost can be.

UndergraduateAverage Tuition Fee (USD)Average Tuition Fee (BDT)
UndergraduateUSD 24,000 – USD 44,000BDT 2,553,194 – BDT 4,680,856
Post-GraduateUSD 20,500 – USD 35,000BDT 2,180,853 – BDT 3,723,408
Ph.D.USD 27,500 – USD 54,500BDT 2,925,535 – BDT 5,797,878
MBAUSD 45,500 – USD 72,000BDT 4,840,431 – BDT 7,659,583

US Student Visa Requirements from Bangladesh

To obtain a US student visa from Bangladesh, applicants must first be accepted into a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-approved University or College in the United States.

For Undergraduate, students needed;

  • Your passport size photo (two copies)
  • Your valid passport copy
  • All academic transcripts and certificate
  • IELTS certificate
  • Bio Date
  • Statement of purpose as per University guidelines
  • Recommendation letters (two copies) and
  • Bank statement (U$ 30,000 min)
All Academic Transcripts and Certificate

For the Postgraduate, Students Needed:

  • Your passport size photo (two copies)
  • Your valid passport copy
  • All academic transcripts and certificate
  • IELTS certificate (6.0 or 6.5 min)
  • Statement of purpose as per IAS guideline
  • Your CV (Updated)

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