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Pursue a legal education and immerse yourself in the field of Law and Legal Studies through an international study program.

Finding the right university for studying law and legal studies abroad can be a challenging task. Numerous factors come into play, and making the right decisions is crucial for your future. At Sangen Edu Ltd., we understand the complexities involved and have been providing guidance to Bangladeshi students in locating suitable educational institutions for over 12 years.

Our experienced consultants specialize in comparing universities in your desired study destination. We meticulously analyze every aspect to provide you with a comprehensive understanding. With our expertise, we can assist you in taking the necessary steps towards a successful and fulfilling career.

Trust YES Education. to help you make informed choices and pave the way for a brighter future.

Career Options for Law & Legal Studies

Going to law school is a dream for many. If you are interested in the field of law, studying law overseas provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about the legal system. There are many career options for you to pick which include:

  • Lawyer
  • Barrister/Advocate
  • Barrister’s clerk
  • Solicitor
  • Paralegal
  • Compliance Officer
  • Human Resource Representative
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Legal Assistant
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Mediator
  • Real Estate Agent

Studying overseas might be scary for some, but the specialists here at Sangen Edu Ltd. are here to make the process easy.

Why Choose YES Education?

At YES Education, we have established strong partnerships with over 300 prestigious universities worldwide. Our educational consulting services are designed to significantly enhance your career development. We take pride in being recognized with the esteemed Best Educational Consultant Award, showcasing our exceptional track record in nurturing the potential of today’s youth.

We are actively working with our affiliated universities in:

  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • South Africa
  • Cyprus
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Romania & more.

Our experience, and ability to shape the foundation of your future makes us your top choice for studying art & design overseas.

Career Guidance

Making the right choices today has a significant impact on your future. It is crucial to ensure a stable career path and maximize your time studying abroad. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced advisors is here to help you in various aspects. We can assist you in identifying your career goals, making well-informed decisions, and providing personalized guidance tailored to your individual objectives, whether they are professional or personal. We understand that each student is unique, which is why our consultancy services are customized to align with your specific goals, future plans, and more.

Student Profile Analysis

Creating a thorough student profile analysis is crucial for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the student and their qualifications. This analysis not only facilitates the application process for universities but also assists in organizing the necessary documents required to present oneself effectively and increase the chances of acceptance.

Student Housing & Accommodation Overseas

YES Education. aims to alleviate the housing challenges faced by students who decide to pursue their studies abroad. Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive support and reduce the stress associated with finding suitable accommodations during the initial phases of your study plan overseas.

We specialize in assisting Bangladeshi students seeking accommodation in a wide range of countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, USA, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, South Africa, Cyprus, Romania, and many more. Our services are designed to help you identify various housing options, ensuring a smoother transition and a more enjoyable study abroad experience.

Housing options:

  • On-Campus Accommodation or Dorms
  • Off-Campus Living
  • Rental Apartment

At “YES Education”, we prioritize maintaining strong connections with our students, even after they embark on their overseas journey. Our commitment to post-departure support ensures that you can rely on us whenever you encounter any challenges or require expert assistance. Whether it’s troubleshooting academic issues or addressing any concerns that may arise, we are here to provide guidance and support throughout your studies at your chosen university.

Additionally, we understand the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to help you discover exciting dining options near your campus or within your living vicinity that offer delicious halal food. Our goal is to ensure that you have an exceptional study experience abroad, and we are always ready to assist you in achieving that.

Embark on your journey towards studying Law & Legal Studies abroad with “YES Education”. We offer comprehensive support to help you initiate your higher education endeavors. Our services encompass admission opportunities to renowned universities, student career consultancy, expert career guidance, visa processing, travel guidelines, as well as assistance with student housing and accommodation. With our team of professionals, you can find the perfect university to pursue your legal studies and kickstart a remarkable career.

If you’re passionate about studying law at the higher education level, contact us now to book an appointment and let us guide you towards a fulfilling academic journey.

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