Australia is widely recognized for its exceptional higher education system, renowned educational institutions, generous scholarship opportunities, vibrant cultural diversity, and promising job prospects, making it an attractive choice for students seeking to build a successful future career.

Consequently, higher education in Australia is experiencing a significant surge in popularity among Bangladeshi students. Moreover, the process of admission to Australian universities has become increasingly streamlined and accessible, making it easier than ever before.

Students now have the option to apply directly and navigate the entire process independently or choose to rely on authorized agencies representing Australian universities for a smoother and hassle-free experience. These agencies provide valuable assistance, simplifying the application process and ensuring a seamless journey for Bangladeshi students aspiring to study in Australia.

Australia offers excellent opportunities for Bangladeshi students seeking higher education.

Australia ranks among the top five most sought-after destinations for international students in English-speaking countries, attracting a significant number of learners. Currently, Australia hosts a thriving community of over 470,000 international students across various educational levels.

The country’s appeal stems from its diverse range of study options, boasting an impressive selection of more than 22,000 courses. This extensive variety ensures that students from Bangladesh, in particular, can find ideal educational opportunities in Australia, whether they aspire to pursue undergraduate, post-graduation, or master’s degrees. Opting to study in Australia presents an exceptional advantage for Bangladeshi students seeking higher education abroad.

Top Universities in Australia for Bangladeshi Students

Australian universities currently have some of the highest rankings with seven institutions in the top 100 worldwide.

QS World RankingUniversity NameOffered CoursesIELTS RequiredAverage Tuition Fee (BDT)
31Australian National UniversityUG, PG, Ph.D.6+BDT 16,393,26 – BDT 39,343,82
40The University of MelbourneUG, PG, Ph.D.6+BDT 15,040,54 – BDT 36,040,48
41The University of SydneyUG, PG, Ph.D.6+BDT 9,580,78 – BDT 25,052,90
43The University of New South WalesUG, PG, Ph.D.6BDT 10,481,53 – BDT 23,059,78
47The University of QueenslandUG, PG, Diploma6+BDT 7,77075 – BDT 21,653,00
58Monash UniversityUG, PG, Ph.D.6+BDT 16,426,80 – BDT 24,285,03
93The University of Western AustraliaUG, PG, Diploma, Ph.D.7BDT 10,870,79 – BDT 36,367,55
190RMIT UniversityUG, PG, MBA, Ph.D.6+BDT 10,711,93 – BDT 18,244,27
192New castle UniversityUG, PG, MBA6+BDT 12,760,05 – BDT 20,021,11
193Curtin UniversityUG, PG, MBA, Ph.D.6+BDT 19,904,03 – BDT 27,807,10
293University of TasmaniaUG, PG, MBA6+BDT 16,042,39 – BDT 21,325,89
701-750Charles Derwin UniversityUG, PG, MBA, Ph.D.6.5+BDT 15,396,29 – BDT 20,629,14
601-650Edith Cowan UniversityUG, PG, MBA,6+BDT 20,084,89 – BDT 25,011,01

Best Locations to Study in Australia

Studying in Australia is a coveted dream for numerous international students, including those from Asian nations like Bangladesh. The allure of this destination is not only its reputation for offering a high-quality education but also its exceptional living standards.

When it comes to choosing a place to settle as a student, there are several areas in Australia that stand out for their attractions, facilities, and convenient transportation options.

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Darwin
  • Tasmania
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Canberra
  • Victoria

Best Courses to Study in Australia for Permanent Residency (PR)

Australia offers a wide range of courses that can lead to permanent residency. Below are some of the most popular options for studying in Australia with the aim of obtaining permanent residency:

  • PR Trade Courses
  • Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Medical Science
  • Computer and IT
  • Accounting
  • Nursing and Midwife
  • Education and Teaching
  • Hospitality and
  • Dentistry

Scholarship Opportunities in Australia for Bangladeshi Students

Australia offers an array of highly desirable scholarships and financial aid options specifically tailored for international students. This advantageous feature positions Australia as a notably more accessible choice compared to numerous other countries worldwide.

Distinguished scholarships in Australia encompass both partial and full funding, taking into account your previous academic achievements, exceptional performance, and financial circumstances. These scholarships serve as a testament to the country’s commitment to supporting international students in their pursuit of higher education.

Some of the notable scholarships that you can apply for:

Funded Scholarships for the International Students

  • Australia Awards scholarship
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships
  • University of Sydney International Scholarships
  • University of South Australia Scholarships – PG & Ph.D. program
  • Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships
  • Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships – Master’s program.
  • Swinburne International Excellence Scholarships – Master’s program
  • Griffith University Scholarships

Cost & Expenses of Studying in Australia from Bangladesh

Education type and average tuition fees in Australia for International and Bangladeshi students:

Programs NameAverage Tuition Fee (AUD) AnnuallyAverage Tuition Fee (BDT) Annually
Bachelor’s Degree$18,000 AUD – $33,000 AUDBDT 13,056,34 – BDT 23,936,63
Masters’ Degree$20,000 AUD – $40,000 AUDBDT 14,507,04 – BDT 29,011,89
Doctoral Degree$20,000 AUD – $42,000 AUDBDT 14,507,04 – BDT 30,462,48
Diploma$10,000 AUD – $22,000 AUDBDT 725,352 – BDT 15,956,58
Foundation courses$15,000 AUD – $33,000 AUDBDT 10,884,18 – BDT 23,945,21

Living Expense in Australia for International Students

Living in Australia is less expensive than in other countries like the UK or USA. Nonetheless, you have a few expenses to consider while pursuing your degree at an Australian university.

The monthly cost of living at a glance:
Types of ExpenseAmount in AUDAmount in BDTDuration
Accommodation$500 AUD – $1200 AUDBDT 32,750 – BDT 78,566Monthly
Food & Groceries$208 AUD – $416 AUDBDT 13,619 – BDT 27,242Monthly
Transportation$50 AUD – $100 AUDBDT 3,274 – BDT 6,548Monthly
Basic Amenities$250 AUD – $550 AUDBDT 16,373 – BDT 36,022Monthly
Entertainment$220 AUD – $380 AUDBDT 14,408 – BDT 24,888Monthly

Note: This is the baseline expenses for every category. You can always save money in different categories and calculate the final amount for yourself.

Job Facilities in Australia for Bangladeshi Students & Expected Salary

Part-Time Job Wage for International Students

A student with a valid visa can earn a minimum of $20 AUD to $25 AUD per hour and $800 AUD to $1000 AUD per week.

Average Student Salary (Part-Time Job)

The average student income in Australia is around $20,000 AUD to $25,000 AUD every year and $20 AUD to $25 AUD per hour fixed by the Australian Government.

After education, entry-level positions start at $60,000 AUD – $70,000 AUD per year, but when you gain experience as you proceed, you can make up to $110,618 AUD – $120,950 AUD every year.

Maximum Work Hours for International Students in Australian Universities

For a part-time job in Australia, the government announced that until 30 June 2023, students are allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours per week without any taxes.

How to Apply to Top Universities for Higher Education in Australia

In Australia, international students can apply for higher education in three sessions.

  • February Intake: You have to apply to your preferred university by December to begin the first semester.
  • June/July Intake: You must apply in early May to start the second semester at the Australian university. 
  • September to November Intake: September to November Intakes offers specific programs to international students during these months, Depending on the University.

Document requirements to apply to Australian Top Universities

Requirements for admission vary from university to university. Here are some common requirements you need before applying to a university in Australia from Bangladesh.

  • Attested Copies of the Mark Sheet of Your School, College, and Bachelor’s Degree (if you have)
  • You Need Two Recommendation Letters from the Manager who Can Describe Your Professional Abilities if You have Got Work Experience.
  • Resume.
  • Financial Evidence.
  • Meet the Health and Character and GTE Requirements
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose).
  • Portfolio (Only for Students of the Architecture and Art & Design Course)
  • Proof of OSHC.

Job Visa After Completed Studies in Australia

After completing your studies the post-study work visa enables overseas students to stay in Australia. The government allows international students to stay for up to 18 months after completing their studies and must apply for this visa within 6 months of finishing their studies.

Visa NameRestrictionStaying TimeAge RequirementDependents Allowed
Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)Bachelor’s degree or aboveMaximum 2 to 4 YearsUnder 50 years of ageYes
Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)Qualifications and skills for employmentUp to 18 MonthsUnder 50 years of ageYes
Graduate Visa (Subclass 476)A certain educational institution in the previous two years from engineering degreesUp to 18 MonthsUnder 31 years of ageYes

Visa Details & Requirements

Spouse Visa

A spouse visa is a term that refers to an immigrant visa for the spouse. It is generally only for people with a temporary Partner visa (subclass 820). Australian spouse visa application takes up to 14 to 28 months based on the category.

The applicant of this spouse visa or their partner has to be an Australia PR holder/citizen/eligible New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. To get a spouse visa you need some documents:

  • Not Hold an Application Refused
  • Not Hold Certain Regional Visas
  • Be in Australia When You Apply
  • Have a Sponsor
  • Be the Right Age
  • Relationship Requirements
  • Health Requirements
  • Character Requirement
  • No Debt to the Australian Government
  • Best Interests of the Child.

How Can I Get a Student Visa to Australia from Bangladesh – Steps & Processes

You need to follow some steps & processes to get a student visa to Australia from Bangladesh. See the process and requirements at a glance:

  • CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) from a University
  • GTE Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement
  • Police Clearance
  • SMR (Satisfactory Medical Record)
  • OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)
  • Proof of English Proficiency IELTS/TOEFL/PTE (if Required)
  • To Support You in Your Home Country Proof of Sufficient Funds

Why Choose Australia Over Other Countries?

There can be many reasons for choosing Australia for a Bangladeshi student. The main reasons are presented below:

  • Easy access to get a student visa
  • Top ranking universities
  • Have adequate health insurance
  • Provide world-class education
  • A comprehensive extent of study courses to choose from
  • Easy communication and internship availability
  • Plenty of work convenience
  • Meet our character requirement
  • Career-oriented education
  • Incredible landscape
  • Lessen the expenses

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